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Simplify your business and go cashless with CARD IT or TITO solutions.

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CARD IT™ Overview

CARD IT™ is at the forefront of card-based technology. CARD IT™ is a fast and reliable way of transferring cash.

Simplify your business and go cashless with CARD IT™. CARD IT™ allows for quick and easy transfer of credits with minimal cash handling and attendant involvement, giving your players more independence and flexibility. Players can simply transfer money onto the card, collect credits and move from machine to machine.

*eBET is only authorised to sell CARD™ IT in NSW and ACT jurisdictions.


  • Available for all players
  • Reduced operational handling
  • Eco-friendly solution
  • Drives player re-visits by offering a leading edge cashless solution
  • Players can move quickly between EGMs
  • Players no longer need to wait for hand pays
  • Increases staff efficiency, allowing them more time to focus on other operational activities
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CARD IT™ can be used for anonymous players with CARD IT™ Red and for your members with CARD IT™ Blue. Cards issued to players under both CARD IT™ Red and Card IT™ Blue are deemed to be issued by the venue operator.

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  • Optional limits
  • Loyalty points
  • No expiry date
  • PIN protection
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  • No loyalty points
  • Payouts over $5000 cashier
  • Valid at EGM for 2 days

TITO Overview

Improve your players' experience by eliminating the need to wait for a hand pay or refill, by implementing eBET’s innovative ticket in, ticket out solution.

Ticket-In, Ticket-Out, commonly referred to as "TITO", is designed to enhance service and improve your players' experience.

TITO provides a secure, bar-coded TITO ticket, where players' press ‘collect,’ to have a ticket printed at the gaming machine. This allows players' to then use their ticket at any other gaming machine or cash it out at a cashier.

eBET’s TITO solution provides the following;

  • Max. Transfer is $5000
  • Maximum out $5000
  • 2 Days reinvestment at the gaming machine
  • 12-month validity
  • Ticket scope is venue only


  • Players can quickly cash out, cash in, or keep playing on another machine without having to wait for assistance from a gaming attendant
  • Players just print a ticket and go
  • Players can use their ticket across all machines with this functionality within the venue
  • TITO eliminates the need for buckets of coins being transferred from one machine to another
  • TITO removes the potential for coin loss or theft
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